K.V.Anand’s Rangam (2011) Movie Review (First On Net)



Movie: Rangam

Star Cast: Jeeva, Ajmal Ameer, Karthika Nair, Piaa Bajpai, Prakash Raj, Sona Heiden and others

Director: Anand K V

Producer: Jayaraman

Banner: Red Giant Movies

Music: Harris Jayaraj

Released: 13may 2011

Watched at Sapthagiri 70mm,Hyderabad


Survi Review: 3.25/5



Ashwant (Jiiva) is working with a Tamil daily news paper ‘NetiVaartha’ as a

photographer; he is very reliable dedicated to his job. He is very noted in his office for his craze over very different and daring pictures. Renuka and Saro are journalists working in the same office. Renuka is working as an investigation journalist who had earlier worked with very sensational news.

Andhra Pradesh elections are announced. Two major party heads are current Chief Minister Yogeswaran (Prakash Raj)and opposition head Kota (Kota Srinvas Rao). They are doing everything to win the election, including giving money to the voters, bribing the electorate and rowdiesm. Thi

s is the time when Ashwin and Renuka’s articles happen to create a new force, Vasanth (Ajmal) – a Telugu youth also an engineer who accepts and have trust in true and clean politics, who wish to see a change in the society.


Bomb blasts occurs in a huge youth election campaign of Vasanth. Ashwin along with his teams comes out with huge media support to Vasanth and he wins the elections. But something much unexpected was waiting for everybody.




Jiiva is cool, suave, stylish and unblemished in the role. Kota Srinivasa Rao and Prakash Raj add more weight age to the film. Pia Bajpai is youthful, bubbly and suits her character to perfection. Karthika performed her role with ease and élan. She looked beautiful and especially in songs both Jeeva and Karthika looked as a perfect pair. Ajmal is a perfect choice to play an aspiring politician his looks, build and dialogue delivery elevates the character he plays.

Dialogues are the plus points in this movie. Outstanding music by Harris Jayaraj and he mesmerized the audiences with his wonderful tunes. Except the song ‘Enduko Emo’, none of them are situational. The second half is dragged with unwanted songs.

Cinematography by Richard Nathan is too good. Editing by Anthony is appreciable.
Director K V Anand directed the film in his own pace and also added all real life instances which are engrossing, entertaining and racy.

Nice to see bollywood stylish Special Guest appearances in Aga Naka song by Surya,Karthi,Tammanah,Jai,Shiva,Bharath,Harris Jayaraj,Rima Kallingal,Anuja Iyer,John Vijay,Jayam Ravi,Sanjana Singh,Peter Hein,Etc…







Placement of songs in second half



Survi Verdict:


Director KV Anand who was previously worked as a photo journalist has made this film amidst high expectations and with extreme care. It has every ingredient of an entertainer – a juicy premise, a good star cast, foot tapping music and of course interesting foreign locations. First Half, of the movie doesn’t have any substantial ingredients and despite the slumps in narration, the film manages to engage only during second half. Overall, Rangam impresses, entertains and is likely to click with all kinds of audience.

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