John Stevenson’s Kung Fu Panda 2 (2011) Movie Review


Release: May 26 (Paramount/DreamWorks Animation)

Production: DreamWorks Animation

Voice Cast: Jack Black, Angelina Jolie, Dustin Hoffman, Gary Oldman, Seth Rogen, Lucy Liu, David Cross, James Hong, Michelle Yeoh, Danny McBride, Dennis Haysbert, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Victor Garber, Jackie Chan

Director: Jennifer Yuh Nelson

Screenwriters: Jonathan Aibel, Glenn Berger

Producer: Melissa Cobb

Supervising Animator- Fight Choreographer: Rudolphe Guenoden

Production Designer: Raymond Zibach

Music: Hans Zimmer, John Powell

Run time:90 minutes

Watched at Prasadz Imax,Hyderabad


Survi Review: 3/5




From the studio that brought you “Shrek,” “Madagascar” and “Kung Fu Panda.” Here comes another series of animation… Let’s check out its review…




Po a dragon warrior is set to protect China’s peace. Along came a certain peacock who’s from Po’s past as a baby, Lord Shen, who came to seek revenge in attaining as the emperor of China. He was supposed to be in line of the throne until he overheard The forecaster speaking of a certain warrior in black and white that will bring the doom of Lord Shen. Hearing this, he commanded his army of wolves to kill all pandas but Po’s parents manage to stow Po away and that’s where he was adopted by a goose. Hearing the danger that bestow upon China, Po and the Furious Five head over to stop Lord Shen. But can they defeat the mighty weapon that was created while the legends aren’t able to?





The vocal cast was perfect: Jack Black who lends his voice to the main character Po, in the illustrious company of Angelina Jolie, Luciy Liu, of the veterans Dustin Hoffman and Gary Oldman, or martial arts experts Jackie Chan and Jean-Claude Van Damme. Dennis Haysbert also makes a welcome addition as a bovine kung fu master, as do Jean-Claude Van Damme as a crocodile and Michelle Yeoh as a bearded, soothsaying goat.


The animation as a whole was excellent, including the fantasy sequences that took the form of supposed 2D animation. Even when the animation was 3D, the animation had everything down from the blades of grass to roof zoster to animal’s fur. Cinematography was topnotch. Whether it’s flying through the air alongside a leaping character, the painting-like backgrounds, or the wonderful opening sequence, they’re all beautiful. Snap zooms, slow-motion, and flying cameras are also used with great skill to further the experience.


Even the music by Hans Zimmer is outstanding. Asian drums growl in the background of intense fights, stones shatter and crumple away, fight sequences.


Direction (John Stevenson) of the movie is good. Screenplay should have been better. The narration of the movie is not smooth (little jerky).



Survi Verdict:


Kung Fu Panda 2 is “Awesome” with its fantabulous CGI effects and Crazy One Liners… But missing the “Awesomeness” of Kung Fu Panda Part 1. Overall a worthy sequel…

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