Arivazhagan’s Vaishali (2011) Movie Review


Star-casts: Aadhi, Nanda, Sindhu Menon, Saranya Mohan, Sreenath and others..

Banner: S Pictures

Production: Dil Raju

Direction: Arivazhagan

Music: Thaman S

Watched at Usha Mayuri,Hyderabad

Survi Review: 2.75/5



Vasudevan sacrifices his love to pursue his ambition of becoming a police officer. Ramya goes to marry Bala and all is well in their lives, until one day Ramya is murdered. Coincidentally, Vasudevan is the investigating officer. First thought to be a suicide, Ramya’s death turns out to be a murder and the prime suspect is the husband, the motive being his wife’s earlier love affair. But when more deaths take place in the apartments, the story takes a mysterious turn… and the cause of death is Natural…





Aadhi, the mrugam fame, who had appeared literally like an animal in the movie Mrugam has come as a cop and believe it, this guy was apt for this character. There is a flash back sequence where he is played as a college going guy and he has played with almost perfection.


Sindhu Menon plays a timid wife. She lends credibility to her role with expressive eyes and neat portrayal.


Actor-director Srinath, Saranya Mohan and Lakshmi Ramakrishnan have performed well.


Cinematography by Manoj Paramahamsa is extraordinary with innovative camera angles. Director‘s imagination and the camera man’s angle will add suspense and surprises to the product. Musical score by Thaman is good while the background score add to the best of psychological aspects.


The movie runs for about close to 160 minutes, which I feel is the negative aspect in the movie. The director had some places to chop the scenes and make it look crisper.








Slow Second Half


Run Time


Survi verdict:


Film has right quotients to work out in terms of innovative approach, but rigidly lacks solidity in narrative quotients. Too many storylines spoil a movie, for sure. With a tighter storyline and more thrills, this movie could have easily outgrown its potential. Nevertheless, Vaishali earns a 2.75/5 for trying hard to impress the audiences.


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