Dil Raju-Shanker’s Vaishali (2011) Theatrical Trailer & Synopsis




“Vaishali” a telugu film dubbed from “Eeram”, Tamil, is a horror movie, it has Aadhi as the hero who is better known as director Raviraja Pinisetty’s son. He plays as a police officer who is alerted by a watchman after water gushes out of a particular flat and on investigation is baffled to see Vaishali (Sindhu Menon) lying dead in a bath tub. The Police officer’s memory is stormed by visuals of their romance and Vysali’s subsequent marriage to Bala (Nanda), the onus now is on the officer to correlate the bizarre happenings in the apartment and prove the suicide as murder.

This film vaguely inspired by “Dark water”, English film. It has now been trimmed 20minutes from the original version. The literal translation for “Eeram” meaning “Thadi” (dampness). Water is the main character in the film and one would find it every frame right from the beginning of the film in the form of rain or a leaking faucet.Sindhu Menon is a revelation in this flick and never speak loud and makes use of her beautiful eyes to emote.  Sindhu Menon left for London since she has been married a year back. This film is being directed by a debutant Arivazhagan and Produced by maverick director Shankar on his S Pictures banner.


Theatrical Trailer:

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