Upendra’s Super (2011) Telugu Movie Review


Title : Super Movie

Banner : Rockline Entertainment Pvt Ltd

Casting : Upendra, Sadhu Kokila, Tulip Joshi, Nayanatara, Ali

Direction : Upendra

Music : V. Harikrishna

Producer : Rockline Venkatesh

Survi Review: 2/5


The film begins with India in 2030 and it is ultra developed. Even Warangal becomes international airport and cab drivers, servants at home are foreigners. Only cars like Porsche, Bentley are used by the cab drivers while skyscrapers, clean roads take over. A foreign journalist Edward comes to Hyderabad to know the reason for this change in just 20 years.This leads him to a flashback journey of one Subhash Chandra Gandhi (Upendra), a multi-millionaire based in London but very Indian at heart. His patriotism gets him closer to the rather domestic looking Indira (Nayantara) and he marries her. However, Indira has a strong motive to destroy Gandhi.

What is that motive? How did Gandhi change India? All this forms the rest of the story.


Upendra is his usual self playing to the gallery. His loud and sometimes outrageous outburst tends to get tiring. Nayanthara is good. She has a meaty role and delivers a neat performance. Tulip Joshi is limited. Ali is fine. Rest of the cast did their best to keep the flow going.On the editing front and special effects, the film grabs good attention and makes audience to watch every scene without fail. Music is a decent fare. In the process of making a point, the editing department loses the effect which is so vital for such fast paced features.

Plus Points:

* Upendra

* Storyline

* 2030 Indian Scenes

Minus points:

* Too much wackiness


* Songs


Survi Verdict:

Upendra satisfies his fans with his direction and script. However, other would find this movie irrelevant and impossible. Super defies logic and don’t go with your brains to watch this flick. Overall, it is the message that “SUPER” tries to convey which is the only thing that should matter.

Skip In Theatres, Wait For Its Home-Edition.. 

One thought on “Upendra’s Super (2011) Telugu Movie Review

  1. Super its a dubbed movie. 2010-2011 big block buster movie in kannada,here upendra’s dialouges backbone for d movie,after 11years upendra done a good job in direction, 2songs direction also good,
    My Rating: 3.5/5

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