RGV-Raviteja’s Dongala Muta (2011) Movie Review


Film: Dongala Mutha

Starring: Ravi Teja,Charmi,Prakash Raj,Lakshmi Manchu,Subba Raju,Brahmanandam,Supreet

Director: Ram Gopal Varma

Producer: Kiran Kumar Koneru

Banner: Sreya Productions

Music: Amar Mohle

Survi Review: 2/5


A couple Sudheer(Ravi Teja) and Rani(Charmee) on their way to Rani’s friend marriage reaches an abandoned resort as their car breaks down, and finds the place dirty and the people around(Subba Raju, Supreet & Brahmaji) suspicious who kidnapped a business man Narayana Murthy(Brahmanadam) and kept in the same resort. How Sudheer saved themselves and Narayana murthy from Munna bhai (Prakash Raj) and gang with the help of a police inspector Shiva (Lakshmi Manchu) is the story. What is the reason behind locking them in the resort? Will Sudheer and Rani escape from the resort? If escaped will they have a happy ending forms the rest of the story.


Though the film barely has some story attached to it but the scenes enacted by Ravi Teja were good. Charmi & Lakshmi Manchu did justice to their respective roles. Brahmanandam and Prakaash Raj are routine. Brahmanandam keeps you entertained in few scenes. Remaining artists like Brahmaji, Subba Raju Supreet, Prakash Raj and Sunil were just tolerable.

RGV shooting the whole film in a Canon 5D camera is definitely praiseworthy. Editing wise, the movie has very little job. Some sequences were annoying with same kind of background score like in other RGV’s films.


1. Raviteja

2.Lakshmi Manchu

3. Cannon 5D

4. Charmi

5. Run-Time


1. Screenplay

2. Storyline

3. Drag in second half

Survi Verdict:

RGV has concentrated more on publicity gimmicks like film in five days than on the story & Screenplay. Much hyped but a waste product. I Dont Recommend You.

Bottom-Line: Experiment is good but execution is flagitious.


One thought on “RGV-Raviteja’s Dongala Muta (2011) Movie Review

  1. Today watched dongala mootha,acting based all done well,due to poor story audience fedup,RGV again used old formula, directly he copied some scenes from darna mana hai,road,sunil prakash raj ki inka preference iste baguntundi, 15years back e movie vacchinte koncham hit autuntundo yemo, RGV-Raviteja fans oka sari cinema chudocchu,bere audience ki cheppe avasaram ledu.
    – B Hanumantha Bhat
    Bangalore, Karnataka

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