Movie Review: Mangala

Cast and Crew

Charmi, Subhash, Pradeep Rawath, Pavala Shyamala, Uttej, Vijay Sai,
Sarika Ramachandra Rao, Chitram Seenu, Saptagiri and others
Music: Vishwa
Cinematography: Dasaradhi Sivendra
Producer: Ch.V. Sharma
Banner: Mantra Entertainments
Director: Osho Tulasiram

Survi Review: 4/10


Charmi will be seen in the role of Ammulu and she plays as an actress
in the film. Being a popular actress Ammulu’s crazy fan tries to meet
her once and in this process Ammulu thinks that he is trying to
assault her. Ammulu getting irked with the situation slaps him. By
getting depressed with the scenario that his favourite actress has
slapped him, he commits suicide. Here comes his father Pradeep Rawat
to take revenge on Ammulu as he thinks that she is accountable for his
son’s death. In this revenge drama Pradeep Rawat evokes a deadly
enchantment of Black Magic which would surely indicate the death of
someone on whom it is exploited. Ultimately Charmi turns as a sufferer
for Pradeep Rawat’s Black Magic this time. How Charmi saves herself
from Black Magic? Who comes in rescue of her? Will form the crux of
the story.


Charmi must be truly credited for accepting this role, which has less
scope for exposing. she with her pale girl image in the film fits out
perfectly for a character . Pradeep Rawat, Subbu, Uttej played their
characters well and no one seem to be overacting.The rest of the
artists in this horror genre were adequate as there is nothing to
The only department that has to be applauded for is the Art
department. Every frame and the properties used in the scenes are
worth a compliment. Cinematographer Dasaradhi and Music Director
Vishwa don’t let down Thulasi Ram and come up with good work to keep
up the film’s impact. The picturisation of the songs is a huge
disappointment though. Osho Tulasiram has a good story but the
screenplay has its pitfalls which does not make the narration
gripping. Editing is atrocious, a complete downer. The biography of
the film fails to hold the interest of the viewers completely.


1. Charmi
2. Cinematography
3. Background Music
4. Art


1. Direction
2. 2nd Half Drag
3.Predictable Screenplay
4. No Thrills

Survi Verdict:

Mangala is not as fascinating as Tulasiram-Charmi earlier film Mantra.
Concept wise Mangala is okay but somewhere down the movie, the
director loses its focus.

Mass-Line: Mangala Bongula Undi 😉

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