Life Before Wedding [LBW] (2011) Movie Review

Movie Name : LBW
Cast : Asif Taj, Chinmayi Ghatrazu, Abhijit Pundla, Sidhu Jonnalagadda, Nishanthi
Director : Praveen Sattaru
Producer : Naveen Satatru
Music : Anil
Release :18/2/11
Watched at: Preview Theatre, Prasadz Film Labs,HYD.

Survi Review: 2.75/5


Story I: Jai and Rishi are childhood friends living in Hyderabad. They are totally opposite in nature. Jai and Rishi meet Anu. Anu is the quintessential ‘the girl next door’.
Story II: Rajesh and Radhika are two very good friends who live in Dallas, U.S.A. but their life is interrupted by Varun, a close friend of Rajesh.
How everyone settle down in their ever changing relations forms the rest of the story.


Siddhu (Rishi) is pretty good as the tapori. He got considerable importance in the first half. It’s Nishanti (Anu) who steals the show with her extremely natural and at times subtle expressions. Chinmayi (Radhika) gave apt performance. Abhijeet (Jai) takes the top ranking.He understood the character very well. Rohan (Rajesh) does justice to his role.  Asif Tej (Varun) has got the class elegance. He delivered matured performance.

Technical Aspects:

The characterizations and their dialogues are drawn from real life, and yet, are well-written. What makes the big difference to this simple and plain story is director’s ability to create interest throughout the film with neat screenplay. It’s a wonder what Praveen Sattaru has done with six raw talents that had hardly faced the camera before. He extracts the best from these greenhorns and makes the characters as real as it’s possible.
Music by Anil scores highest mark while Krishna Chaitanya and Krishna Chinni have given appropriate lyrics. Cinematography by Suresh Bargav, Andrew Redd is honest.This film is shot using Red One camera and within limited resources. Editing by Dharmendra K is crisp.


1. Casting
2. Music by Anil
3. Cinematography
4. Direction


1. Pre-Climax/Climax Drag
2. No Mass Elements (Strictly for Class Audience)

Survi Verdict:

LBW a worth watch movie for its good casting, Acting, music, Cinematography and for Direction Praveen Sattaru. Movie Strictly for classy multiplex audience.

Bottom-Line: Starts Off with L – Love , Interval with B – Break Up and Ends up with W – Wedding.

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