Sumanth’s Golconda High School (2011) Movie Review


Banner: Art Beat Capital Pvt Ltd
Cast: Sumanth, Swathi, Tanikella Bharani, Subbaraju, Shafi, Hema, Sivannarayana, Ravi, Jhansi and others
Music: Kalyan Malik
Cinematography: K K Senthil Kumar
Director: Indraganti Mohana Krishna
Producer: P Ram Mohan
Release date: 15 january 2011

Sumanth, Swathi (Colours) starrer ‘Golconda High School’ directed by Indraganti Mohanakrishna (of ‘Ashta Chemma’ fame). The music for this movie has been composed by Kalyan Mallik. It is produced by P Ram Mohan (Astha Chemma fame) under the banner of Art Beat Capitals.  The film is based on the book The Men Within – A Cricketing Tale by Harimohan Paruva. Will it be the come back movie for both Sumanth and swathi.. Lets check out?

Golconda High school which was once known for being the cricket champions. However, that is a story of 15 years and now, the school’s trustee Kireeth (subbaraju) has got his eyes on the school ground so that he can build coaching centers. In order to stop that, principal Viswanatham (tanikella) decides to call one of his ex-student and the best cricket player Sampath (sumanth) to coach the school team. Sampath agrees and has a challenge with Kireeth. If the team wins the trophy, the ground will remain and if not, it will be taken.

Sumanth gave his best to the movie, was looking a bit younger than his previous flick.Swathi acts realistically and her acting skills are well exposed. Her dialogue delivery is well exhibited. Could have avoided sarees. Subiraju and Shafi were brilliant with their villainism.Kota Srinivas rao was good in his role as principal.Children were the best performers in the movie with their reactions and confidence in front of camera.
The background score is excellent and not just adds life to the already lively screenplay but also makes you heart go THUMP. The narration is okay and the editing (Shravan Katikaneni) is slick. The cinematography (Senthil) is first-rate. The director (Mohanakrishna) has come up with an impressive presentation and narrative were top notch.
Movie manages to overshadow the predictable nature of the story, but the ending sequence was absolute predictable. We all knew what would happen in the end, but a bit of fine tuning would have made this film memorable.


* Screenplay

*Okay dialogs


Golconda High school will definitely appeal to the multiplex and metro audience but there is not much for the mass.Indraganti succeded in explaining a simple story in an appealing way.I go with 3 stars.

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