Raviteja’s Mirapakaya (2011) Movie Review

Movie Name :   Mirapakaya

Cast  :   Ravi Teja, Deeksha Seth, Richa Gangopadhyay

Director:   Harish Shankar

Producer:   Ramesh Pusppala

Banner:  Yellow Flowers Banner

Music Director:  Thaman


Rishi(RaviTeja) an intelligence bureau inspector ordered by his senior official(Naga Babu) goes to Hyderabad from delhi as part of an intelligence mission, and establish himself as a lecture in a college headed by Shankar Anna(Kota Srinivasa Rao) an associate who work for Kittu Bhai(Prakash Raj) a mafia don and a most wanted by Intelligence bureau. You got to watch on the silver screen, how Rishi works to catch hold Kittu Bhai and how he finds his love interest in the process.


Ravi Teja carried the film from start to end and his high energy levels and versatile performance really keep the mood of the movie up. Richa Gangopadhyay showed her assets perfectly in front of camera but in perspective of her acting its just okay. Deeksha Seth perfectly suited fr her small role. Bhramaji, Ali, Raja Ravindra and sunil were good in their roles.

Prakash Raj, Kota Srinivas Rao were not given enough space on screen to show their capabilities.

The dialogues were superb with real wit and sensible meaning. Like,

*kathalu Padithe Promotion lu Raavu Ra.Kastapadithe Vasthayi

*Murder Chesthe problem Solve Avali Start avadhu

*Neeku Nooru Okate Dhoolemo ,Naku Naranaralo Valanthe Dhoole

Music by thaman.s was massy. Screenplay was apt, editing was standar, the costumes, art department made their presence felt. Impressive Cinematography.


The film has it all to make it a pure commercial flick. There is romance, action, comedy, melodrama in good proportions so the average Indian audience will not have much to complain about.A better storyline by Harish could have rocked Mirapakaya at box-office. Overall, an above average flick. Worth watching for Raviteja.

Bottom-Line: Ghattu leni “Mirapakaya”..

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3 thoughts on “Raviteja’s Mirapakaya (2011) Movie Review

  1. Mass Maharaju ga introduce tu start aye Mirapakayi average story to manchi entertainment nenka andariku nacchutondi, raviteja s some action good & gun nenka shoot chesye style good, oka fight lo vallu to gun lyakapote kuda fire ext ni tiskoni gun shoot madari shoot chesede comedy ga tiskovala or action ga tiskovala ani prekshakulaki confuse avtundi, raviteja insp role kina hindi lecturer role lo baga kanipistaru, deeksha & richa both done well.kota, prakash rai ki icchina patram ni neat ga chesyaru, after a long time brahmoji acting good, ali,sunil comedy nice, dharmavarapu also not bad & brahmi-msn missing.thaman music not bad, thaman music ki raviteja baga dance chesyaru, over all entertainment & time pass kosam Merapakayi okasari chudocchu.
    My Rating 3 /5

  2. Good movie, mass entertainer with comedy & action. Raviteja,richa,deeksha,sunil,ali done well, music also attracts ravi fans

    Bellary dist 583201
    Karnataka state

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