Nandini Rao’s Ala Modalaindi (2011) Movie Review

Film: Ala Modalaindi
Cast: Nani, Nitya Menon, Sneha Ullal, Chaintanya, Kriti Karbanda, Ashish Vidyarthi, Rohini, Hemant, CVL, and others
Dialogue: Lakshmi Bhoopal
Music: Kalyani Malik
Lyrics: Sirivennela, Ananth Sriram
Cinematography: Arjun Jena
Editing: Marthand K Venkatesh
Executive producer : Vivekananda Kuchibotla
Produced by: KL Damodar Prasad
Banner: Sri Ranjith Movies
Story, screenplay and directed by: Nandini Reddy
Release date: Jan 21, 2010


The story takes off with John(Ashish Vidyarthi) kidnapping Goutham (Nani). On the journey, John asks Gautham to entertain him with his story and his narration leads to flashback. Goutham tells how he meets Nitya (Nitya Menon) and falls in love with her accidentally. While Goutham thinks of expressing his love, he discovers Nitya already has a fiancé (Chaitanya). Goutham stops communicating to her leads his life. Nitya later discovers she is in love with Goutham and breaks her relationship with her fiancé but discovers Gautham had a fiancé Kavya (Sneha ullal). What Happens in Climax…? Either Gautham Marries Nitya while he kidnapped by Ashish Vidyarthi.Lets find the answers to above questions on Silver Screen.


Nani and Nitya were energetic in their roles and chemistry between them was fatabulous. Debutant Actress Nitya Menon was charming and scored cent percent marks for her role. Nani has come up with an effective performance and he has strong talent which must be discovered more often. Chaitanya, Sneha Ullal & Kriti made their presence felt. Rohini is immensely endearing as the hero’s mother. Ashish Vidayarthi (Kidnapper) & Ramesh (Drunked Software proffessional) was perfect and entertaining in their roles. Hemanth does an entertaining role. Rest of the roles made their presence felt to the story.
Director Nandini came out with perfect debut script, she didn’t gone for extra glamour/stressing a lot on storyline.Music by Kalyan Mallik background score was good and all the songs were nice. Cinematography was big minus to the movie. Dialogs by Lakshmi bhopal dialogues were efficient. Editing (Marthand K Venkatesh) could have been better.


*Lead Pair Chemistry
*Nitya menon perfect find
*Hillarious 2nd half
*Cinematic Twists




Though the movie lack in technical aspects but Ala Modalaindi is must watch for its blabbered conversations, lead pair chemistry, cinematic twists, glob of entertaining episodes. I recommend it.

Survi Review : 6.5/10

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