Ravi Babu’s Manasara (2010) Review


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Cast : Vikram, Sree Divya, Bhanuchander, George Vincent, Ramaraju, Annapurna, Usha Sree, Krishnamohan, Anitha, M S Narayana and Others
Music : Sekhar Chandra
Cinematography : N Sudhakar Reddy
Producer: K Prakash Babu
Director: Ravi Babu
Released Date: December 10, 2010
Watched @ Sensation,Hyderabad

With back to back successes like “Anasuya” , “Nachchaavule” and “Amaravathi” Director Ravi Babu is rated as new genre director who always come with novel concepts in the movie.Ravi Babu introduces two new faces Vikram and Diya with this film Manasara.

A routine romantic tale, the story is about Vikram (vikram) who lives in Hyderabad and he is basically a very chicken hearted guy. His family gets transferred to Rajapalayam in Kerala and this is a small place where ancient customs and traditions are followed. The settlement of issues is usually done by a fight of Kalari, the ancient martial art. Vikram sees Anjali (sree divya) and falls in love with her and soon, she also reciprocates. However, Anjali’s aunt harasses her while her ‘bava’ Rajan Pillai (George) has got a lecherous eye on her. Rajan is also a famous Kalari champion.


Vikram was okay with his performance. Sree Divya did justice to her homely role.Vincet was impeccable mannerisms and impressive dialogue delivery. Bhanuchander and Annapurna were apt to their roles.Direction wise Ravi Babu Showed his technical Brilliance.A better content would have been rocking.Adroit camerawork (Sudhakar Reddy) and a compelling background score (Shekar Chandra) keep the experience on the right side of relish. Movie relatively drab with not enough to keep you Interested, 1st half and climax are a tad too long – but the presentation bails out the experience.


Director Ravibabu put his efforts to get back his image through this movie, but not able to reach. Music and Technical team gave some support to the story. Overall Movie is just ‘OK’.I’ll go with two stars.


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