First Day First Show : Ragada Updates


11:00 – Ragada Starts Now …

11:10- “Kadappa .. kalisi unte cheruvu gada.. Lekunte Ragada” Nagarjuna.

11:20 – 1st song “Messamunna Manmadhuda” starts off .. Casually choreographed .. charmi steals the show 🙂

11:35 – “Bhramam” from Khammam..Bhramanandam Entry Rocks 🙂

11:50- “Okadante Okade” Starts off .. Sepia look picturisation is good ..

12:10 – Priyamani n family characterisation koncham over ga undi.. Bharath char. Is gud..

12:20 – 1st half is decent with some entertaining comedy and massy fights.. Expecting some RAGADA in 2nd half..

12:40 – ” Ragada Ragada ” title track picturisation is good..Anushka and Priyamani were stunning..

01:20 –  Required Twists and Turns in the story.

Overall, Ragada 1st half was decent. But 2nd half spoils the party With regular storyline,climax & fights.Overall another average flick from Nagarjuna.


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