Farah Khan’s Tees Maar Khan (2010) Movie Review


Movie Name: Tees Maar Khan
Cast: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Akshay Khanna, Raghu Ram, Rajiv Laxman and others
Director: Farah Khan
Producer: Twinkle Khanna, Shirish Kunder, Ronnie Screwvala
Music Director: Vishal-Shekhar
Screenplay: Shirish Kunder


Tees Maar Khan is a story that revolves around Tabrez Mirza Khan aka Tees Maar Khan (Akshay Kumar). Anya (Katrina Kaif) is his love interest, who aspires to become an actress. He starts his stealing activity from the day one he was born. Dollar, Soda and Burger are his gang members, along with them he will go to any heights of stealing things. It becomes quite difficult even for the police to trap his activities.
On one fine day, Tees Maar Khan (Akshay Kumar) was given a task to rob antique jewels from a highly secured moving train by the international antique smugglers Johri brothers (Raghu Ram and Rajiv Laxman). They inform him that the cost of antiques was Rs 500 crores and asks him to handle safely by not creating any problem from the cops. What happens next? Is he able to carry of the task? These questions are better answered on screen.


Farah Khan Direction was worst of all all her previous movies.Akshay kumar is good in his acting and dialogue delivery, but he alone cannot carry the hopes of a over-hyped movie. The lead lady Katrina is just a doll in the movie and used only for the glamour quotient.Akshaye khanna and Rest of the cast has nothing to do in the movie apart from running here and there.Vishal-Shekhar comes up with some disappointing music, except for the Shelia ki Jawani Song.Salman Khan’s special appearance in Wallah re wallah needs a special mention and was great as usual. Anil Kapoor and twinkle khanna appears in cameo role at the end.


1. Katrina Kaif in Sheila ki Jawani
2. Akshay Act
3.Little bit of 1st half comedy


2.No Nice Songs (Except Sheila)
3.Nearly All Actors Wasted
4.Farah Khan Flavour
5.Second Half non sense


A total slapstick comedy movie with no story, no stand-out scenes, no good dialogues and no performances. One more Flop for Akshay this year.If possible,Better Skip this movie.

DO NOT WATCH “TEES MAAR KHAN” ..Now its on you..either take my suggestion or try the torture.

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