Siddharth’s BAVA (2010) Review

Banner: Sri Keerthi Combines
Cast: Siddarth, Rajendra Prasad, Pranitha, Ahuti Prasad, Tanikella, Samrat, Sindhu Tolani, Brahmi, Ali, Kasi Viswanath, Bharath Babu, Raghu Babu, Prasad, Venu and others
Dialogues: Veera Pothana
Music: Chakri
Cinematography: Aravind Krishna
Director: Rambabu
Producer: M L Kumar Chowdary
Release date: October 29, 2010

Watched at : Shanti 70mm,Narayanguda


The actor is Siddartha and the actress is Pranitha .The story starts with Sitarmudu ( Played by Rajendra Prasad) while ding drama in a village fall in love with a girl who is landlord sister.Inspite of the family problems they tied nuptial knot.

They both blessed with a baby boy called Veerababu( Played by Siddhartha) who falls love with Varalakshmi ( Played by Pranitha),who don’t know that they are both close relatives ,though after knowing that they are eligible for marriage but Sitarmudu wants that they should take permission of the girls family but Varalakhmi’s father did not agree and insulted them

Now the twist comes whether their marriage is been allowed by Varalakhmi’s father will allow or not.


Siddharth Suited well for his village backdrop character. Scenes starring Pranitha and siddharth were worth watching in first half.Pranitha who’s only one to get positive feedback from this flick.Rajendra Prasad was not used to his fullest. Ahuti was regular, Tanikella was alright, Sameer was mean, Brahmi and Ali comedy track failed to work, the real comedy came from the gang of Prasad,etc.Cinematography by Aravind Krishna aweful.KV Krishna Reddy editing was okay.Veera Pothana dialogs dealing out meaningless lines.The director Rambabu has come up with a routine tale and though the presentation was good.Chakri music was not upto the mark even this background music was copied version of bollywood and tollywood flicks like Rab ne banadi jodi,jhoom barabar jhoom,Tulsi,etc.Can say Chakri the best copycat tollywood ever got .


Bava starts off with promising narration with sizeable comedy.But worst second half and unbearable climax makes Bava a predictable flick with aspirational moments that fall flat.

Final Word: Skip It..

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