A.R.Rahman’s ROBO (2010) Audio Review

The Soundtracks of ROBO album consists of 7 songs and here are the list below with details of its singers, lyricist and a quick review of the songs. The composer Oscar-golden globe winner A.R.Rahman
Harima Harima, is a typical A.R.Rehman-Shankar combo music with Hariharan’s voice and Sadhana Sargam’s voice for the female version, seems to be a perfect duet song between Rajini (Robot Rajinikanth) and the beautiful Aishwarya Rai Bachchan.
Additional vocals are supported by A.R.Rehman’s team of Naresh Iyer and Benny Dayal. The lyrics for this song Arima Arima, is written by Vanamali..
Boom Boom Robo Da next in the album of Robo Music tracks, is another vital track in the album, sung by Yogi. B, Keerthi Sagathia, Swetha Mohan, Tanvi Shah, the younger lot preferred by A.R.Rehman. The lyrics for Boom Boom Robot Da is written by Bhuvana Chandra.
Slightly this song Boom Boom Robot Da reminds of the Boom Boom song in Shankar’s movie Boys, composed by A.R.Rehman. The (computerized) phonic effects (to give that robotic effect) is similar to the boom boom song of Boys where waster products form to sing a song.
Next in the sound tracks in Robo Album is Chitti Dance Showcase. It seems to be the The Fusion version (or rather robotic version) of Boom Boom Robot Da (Carnatic and western mix). The song Chitti dance showcase also sounds like, probably, the dance version o f the Robots created by Rajini who is a Scientist in the movie Robo : The Robot.
The next song from the Robo album is Inumolo O Hrudayam, sung by our composer A. R. Rehman. The English lyrics of the song is sung by Kash’n’Krissy. The song is peppy and gives us the boosting energy to dance on the floors. The fast number with a mixture of English and Telugu lyrics gives an upbeat feel to the song.
Kilimanjaro song is sung by Javed Ali and Chinmayi which is quite a fast number for its background beats. The lyrics of the song is written by Bhuvana Chandra.
Neelo Valapu song from the album of Robo, is a melodious sound track, sung by Vijay Prakash, and the melody queen Shreya Ghoshal. The music is soothing and lingers in our mind. The lyrics for this romantic song is penned by Vanamali.
Veteran singer S. P. Balasubramaniam joins A. R. Rahman and Khathija Rahman for the song O Maramanishi , a slow song that is composed on bringing the new creation, The Robot in to this world. The lyrics are penned by Sudaala Ashok Teja again.
Usually S.P.B sings an opening song for Rajini, which gives out philosophical thoughts and becomes a motivation to the listeners. The trend started by M.G.R, continues with Superstar Rajini who has a greater mass appeal.
ARR back with his very own stylish songs , ARR Robo music will slowly but surely be chartbusters.Loved original tamil songs rather telugu Robo … My Picks Neelo Valapu, Boom Boom Robo Da..Songs are good not the best of Rahman…

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